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 Example Guild Application

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PostSubject: Example Guild Application   Example Guild Application I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 09, 2009 3:10 pm

a) About your World Of Warcraft Character / Personna

a1) What is your character's name? (please also add realm, if transferring)

a2) What is your character's class & spec?
<Druid> / <Resto>

a3) Please provide us with a link to your character's armory sheet:

a4) Have you had any previous raiding experience? If so, where to?
<On my hunter i have had raid expeinces in downing most pre tbc raid bosses, but when i Tbc came out i switched to horde and rolled a mage where i have been in several high end raiding guilds and got to see karazan, maggy, some bosses in TK, SSC, Hyjal and BT down, now i mainly play a druid there have experience with all heroics, naxx 10 clear, os and voa >

a5) If you were contributing to a raid, what role would you preferably take (Tank, Healer, DPS)?
<healer but dont mind respeccing to suit raid needs>

a6) Do you have the following mods installed: (If not, you should get them)

Omen / Ktm Threat Meter: <Yes>
Deadly Boss Mods: <Yes>
i also have other raid benefital mods such as dominos.

a7 ) Do you have Ventrilo?
<Yes i do>

a8 ) Would you be willing to wipe endlessly on a new boss and be able to keep good spirits?
<yes i would>

a9) What is your current guild, if any, and why did you decide to leave it?
<my current guild is Reborn where i am staying>

b) Regarding Reborn

b1) How did you hear about Reborn?
<i saw an add on the offical forums>

b2) Why do you want to join Reborn?
<because i have alot of friends there and i would like to join in your raids and to help strengten the guilds so it may reach new raiding destinations>

b3) Do you know any members of Reborn?
<i would say i know most of them^^>

c) About yourself

c1) What's your first name?

c2) How old are you? (Reborn members span between 20-35 mostly.
<i am 24 years old>

c3) Where are you from?
<i am from a city called Fredrikstad in norway>

c4) Can you understand fluent English?
<Yes i can>

c5) Tell us a little bit about yourself:
<I am mostly a nerd to everything that has to do with roleplaying and fantasy, been playing wow for several years now and i also play WC 1,2 and 3
made alot of good friends there and hope to make more new ones in the future>
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Example Guild Application
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