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 Guild Application Form

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PostSubject: Guild Application Form   Guild Application Form I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 09, 2009 2:50 pm

This is the application thread for those that are interested in joining Reborn.
Below are a number of questions that must be answered.
To make an application, copy the questions below onto a new thread within this forum and include your own answers.
You do NOT need to register in the forums to post an application.

Be sure to check out THIS THREAD before applying.

a) About your World Of Warcraft Character / Personna

a1) What is your character's name? (please also add realm, if transferring)

a2) What is your character's class & spec?
<class> / <spec>

a3) Please provide us with a link to your character's armory sheet:

a4) Have you had any previous raiding experience? If so, where to?
<raid instances, if any>

a5) If you were contributing to a raid, what role would you preferably take (Tank, Healer, DPS)?

a6) Do you have the following mods installed: (If not, you should get them)

Omen / Ktm Threat Meter: <Yes/No>
Deadly Boss Mods: <Yes/No>

a7 ) Do you have Ventrilo?

a8 ) Would you be willing to wipe endlessly on a new boss and be able to keep good spirits?
<your answer here>

a9) What is your current guild, if any, and why did you decide to leave it?
<current guild>
<reasons for leaving>

b) Regarding Reborn

b1) How did you hear about Reborn?
<your text here>

b2) Why do you want to join Reborn?
<your text here>

b3) Do you know any members of Reborn?
<your text here>

c) About yourself

c1) What's your first name?

c2) How old are you? (Reborn members span between 20-35 mostly.

c3) Where are you from?

c4) Can you understand fluent English?

c5) Tell us a little bit about yourself:
<share some thoughts here>
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Guild Application Form
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